FRIGHT NIGHTS NORTH WALES are dedicated to providing ghost hunts in some of the most haunted locations in North Wales!  The newest franchise in the Fright Nights family, with over 6 years personal experience in investigating the paranormal, we will be providing Ghost Hunting experiences to the general public in North Wales.
Real genuine Ghost Hunt experiences with events that will be remembered by all!

We have some fantastic venues lined up for you, some may be distant old favorites and some will be brand new and exclusive to Fright Nights North Wales. We offer you the opportunity to join us at some of the most haunted venues in North Wales.

Whether you are a budding ghost hunter or a first timer, whatever your beliefs may be, we have an amazing team of experienced psychics, mediums and paranormal investigators to guarantee you a memorable and quality ghost hunting experience, un-equaled by any other company.  All our events are ‘un-staged’, 100% genuine real activity as we are passionate about what we do and as a result we will provide you with an authentic and professional experience.

We cover the Mediumistic, Spiritual and Scientific sides of Paranormal Investigating. We give you the opportunity to try out some of the most popular electronic devices and together we will aim to uncover more history about the locations we visit.

Are you brave enough to join us on one of our events?…. There is no need to worry, you will be in excellent hands throughout.

Fright Nights was established in 1999 and was the first company in the world to offer overnight ghost hunt experiences to the general public! After twenty-one years, Fright Nights still retains its reputation for Britain’s most haunted and unusual locations as well as providing an excellent night of ghost hunting! Hundreds of ghost hunters join Fright Nights every month for the most thrilling ghost hunts available. Often copied, but never equalled, Fright Nights are the undisputed number one Ghost Hunting Company.

Fright Nights have taken over 700,000 people on ghost hunts at over three hundred haunted locations, if you have never ghost hunted before then why not give it a try? It definitely is an experience to remember! Check out our ghost hunt section and take the plunge…

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A franchise of Fright Nights the Original Ghost Hunting Events Company established in 1999.