About Fright Nights….

Fright Nights was the first company of its kind to offer overnight ghost hunting experiences to the general public and retains its reputation for haunted and unusual locations as well as an excellent night of ghost hunting!

Late 2017 saw Fright Nights under new ownership, entering its nineteenth year of providing the best ghost hunting experiences to the general public. Taking ghost hunters on the most thrilling ghost hunting experiences available, Fright Nights are still the undisputed number one Ghost Hunting Company.

Fright Nights currently operate at over one hundred and fifty of the UK’s most haunted and exclusive venues and has pioneered paranormal events, since the last century! With a team of experienced mediums, psychics and paranormal investigators, you are guaranteed a quality ghost hunting experience unequalled by any other company.

Often imitated but never equalled, Fright Nights has built its continuing success on offering professional, authentic and innovative ghost hunting events.  Regularly appearing in National Newspapers, magazines and on TV, Fright Nights are internationally recognised for their unparalleled experience in offering paranormal events.  So, whether you are a budding ghost hunter or just keen to experience the paranormal first hand, take the Fright Nights challenge and pick an event for the ‘must – do’ experience of the year.

We aim to continually further develop the company, bringing you the most qualified and experienced staff at both the well known and much loved traditional venues and many totally new locations just waiting to be investigated and certainly no less haunted.

With exclusive Franchise or Area Coordinator opportunities, you too can become a part of the Fright Nights Family, allowing us to offer more events to the general public. Find out here.

New for 2020 we introduce – Fright Nights North Wales Ghost Hunting Events run by Kelly Joanna Grinyer. She is a keen Paranormal Investigator with lots of new ideas to bring to the table. We wish her and her team every success in her new venture!


·    In 2003 and 2008 Fright Nights set the record for ‘The World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt’ which was televised internationally

·    Fright Nights have organised ghost hunting events for charities that have raised over a staggering £1.5 million combined.

·    The original founders of Fright Nights consulted and appeared on many internationally famous paranormal TV shows including

Most Haunted
Ghost Hunting with..
Ghost Hunter’s International
Ghost Adventures
Paranormal Lockdown: UK
Scream Team
World’s Most Scariest Places
The Ghost Detectives
London’s Scariest Mysteries

Fright Nights have taken well over seven hundred thousand members of the public ghost hunting in the last twenty years – that’s about 7,000,000 hours of ghost hunting!


“The Ghost Hunting Specialists”   –  Daily Star

“I was invited on a ghost hunting evening with Fright Nights. I jumped at the chance”    –  Andy Rudd, THE MIRROR

“I was surprised about the number of unexplained bumps which happened…I’m a logical man, I like logical things, but no matter how quickly I rushed upstairs or how thoroughly we searched the floor, we couldn’t find any explanation to any of the noises.”   –  Jamie Lewis, THE INDEPENDENT

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A franchise of Fright Nights the Original Ghost Hunting Events Company established in 1999.