Beaumaris Gaol

Beaumaris Gaol (visitanglesey.co.uk)

A prison that is fast approaching its 200th birthday, with a terrifying past, full of sad memories and desperate souls. The land has been occupied since the Viking times so there is sure to be plenty of additional company on this event!

Doors slamming, footsteps and blood curdling screams have all been heard within the walls of this impressive building. After its time as a prison, it was briefly used as a police station and then as a children’s clinic. There are even reports of spirits from this time period being present.

Lanfyllin Workhouse

Y Dolydd – Llanfyllin’s Workhouse – Community, Arts, Education & Environment (the-workhouse.org.uk)

At 180 years old this building has seen hundreds of luckless people walk through its doors and not all of them have walked back out.

With lots of activity ranging from footsteps, shadows and slamming doors to the sounds of children laughing singing and crying, even full bodied apparitions have been witnessed so why not come along? Whats the worst that can happen…….

Workhouses were places of unimaginable horror. Plagued with disease and full to the brim with the most unfortunate souls in society, to end up in one was seen as the ultimate disgrace. Criminals vagrants and lunatics were housed with single mothers, the elderly and the disabled. If you entered with your family you needn’t think that would provide any comfort or protection, you were separated as soon as you walked through the door. Men, women, boys and girls were all housed separately and only if you were under seven would you get fleeting moments with your mother.